We have a dream.

We would like to bring a steady stream of wise, experienced meditation teachers to Aotearoa New Zealand to offer teachings, inspiring some people to learn to meditate and others to deepen their practice of meditation.

Can you relate to a dream like this? 

Aotearoa Buddhist Education Trust is a registered charity which makes it easy for people to fundraise to bring Buddhist teachers to New Zealand, in particular those who teach in the area that is bringing together a secular approach to the dharma with practices such as insight meditation.

By giving dana, donating to cover these teachers’ travel expenses, your generosity is making the teachings of Sidhatta Gotama – the man we now know as the Buddha – more affordable for others.

You can help realise this dream by donating into the kete (basket) that holds the general fund, or toward a teacher’s visit.

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Retreats coming up


13th-20th March • Gregory Kramer and Mary Burns • Bella Rakha, Auckland

late 2015 • Winton Higgins • Wellington and elsewhere